I love twitter. It is why I am on here most days, and also why when a thought hits no matter where I am that I have to post it into the twitterverse. The site is not perfect. Here is my constructive criticism on one item for twitter.

Stop with the twitter favored. When you want to recommend people for the new twitter users to follow do not choose the stars only. Instead of choosing movie stars and athletes.

Let the process be a little more random. Have twitter mix it up, so based on age and location new followers can be chosen at random, so instead of gawking at stars who in most cases do not follow people back they can connect with people in their area and actually get engaged in twitter.

Twitter has had some retention challenges with many people going on Twitter once or twice and not understanding how it works and then not returning. It is like a child going to their first day of kindergarten who is alone and afraid. Find them a playmate and within 5 minutes they never want to leave. Find someone to connect with on Twitter and they will be hooked. As much as I like Lady Gaga, Oprah, and Ashton Kutchner, they will not connect personally with all of their followers the way average Tommy Twitter will.

The ability to connect is the foundation of using social networking sites. The fact that Twitter may have missed this could be a big detriment towards making Twitter grow in the long run, and those networks that do not grow will become stagnant and fail.

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