Just wanted to write a short post today. I want to give you an idea of what is coming up in the next few weeks on this blog. It is funny, because when I first started writing here I was not sure what direction that I would take the blog to in the next few weeks. As I continue to write my horizons have stretched farther and farther on what I want to discuss to make the information here more accessible, educational, and enjoyable. What good is great information that puts you to sleep? Also, I want to be a little more transparent in what I will be discussing in the upcoming weeks. So I have a little calender of topics. I am starting to arrange topics by weeks, so I can fully invest in a topic and not just spend one day briefly reviewing an idea. Here is the list of upcoming topics by week:

August 16-21: Twitter Week (Going Back to the Root of the Blog)

August 23-28: Location Based Social Networks

August 30- Sept 4: Social Networking Relationships

September 6-11: Social Networking On Your Terms

Additionally for those of you looking to get more out of Social Networking, check out our upcoming webinar course September 8th Social Networking On Your Terms.