I will be hosting a JV giveaway event December 2nd through the 9th. For those interested in building their email list this will be a great opportunity. We will have prizes and connection opportunities for the contributors, as well as freebies for anyone who wants to learn more about internet marketing.

We already have 20 contributors, and are looking to launch with approximately 30 or more contributors.

For those who are not sure what a JV Giveaway event is let me take a brief moment to explain.

A JV giveaway event is when marketers in one industry get together to help others with free giveaway products. These products can range from ebooks to video tutorials to software products to samples. Depending upon the industry you will find a wide array of products at the events.

This particular giveaway is for those interested in learning more about internet marketing. We have contributors providing information products on mobile marketing, email marketing, video creation, social media, search engine optimization, and blogging.

Each contributor will notify their network of the launch and direct as many quality visitors (also called Participants) as they can to the event. With everyone working together we are able to help more people at once. The power of leverage in action.

While some events have minimum click requirements, this event does not have such a requirement. The reason why is that I would rather have someone bring in 20 quality clicks versus 100 garbage clicks.

Right now we are looking to add some more quality contributors to the event before launching. If you interested here is some information to get you started.

Here are some of the requirements for this event:

  1. You must have a product already for this launch. I know Rick had products for people last time, but I do not have enough time to show or help people create a product.
  2. there is no minimum traffic requirement, but you do have to give me an idea of where you are driving traffic from. I would like to minimize traffic from low-quality sites (adfly, traffic networks, etc). You will be disqualified if your traffic comes from these sites. If you do not have a base, my recommendation would be to spend 15 minutes on Twitter everyday following your target market for the next month. (Paid traffic is acceptable from FB, Google, and Solo Ads)
  3. Here are the prizes for this giveaway:

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  • First prize is hosting the next JV Giveaway Event. This prize is  exclusively for Mastermind Mafia Members. You must be a member before November 30th. I will let all of the current contributors know about the next event you are hosting, and guide you with setting up the event. To become a member click here.    Minimum of 200 clicks to qualify.
  • Second prize is a free solo  to the contributor with the most clicks. We will send out a free solo ad to all the participants of the giveaway on your behalf. Minimum of 200 clicks to qualify.
  • Third prize is a free copy of Blog Traffic Mafia to any contributor who drives in over 150 clicks. (Retail: $17 value)



If you have any questions, please put them in the comment section below. For those that are interested, and have a product they want to contribute to the JV giveaway event please go to:

[order_box_3 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]OurGiveaway.Com[/order_box_3]