iPhone users will be quite happy to know that Apple has thought of implementing new privacy and security controls over its iPhone users. Considering the omnipresence of iPhone spy apps – among other cell phone spy software – and the level of security issues prevalent these days it’s quite important for companies that try to create a secure passage for their consumers to keep into account every possible way of encountering security issues. After all, no one likes to give out their personal information and that too without their consent. This only reduces the creditability of the service provider and the manufacturer.

Apple will now give its users the freedom to manage their information and how third party applications access this information. According to Apple, the new iOS 6 will have privacy and contact information panel in its settings which will help consumers determine the optimum selection of settings applicable to their situation.

This application will also notify Apple users if an application or website is asking for personal information by featuring a pop-up notification. Consumers will then personally give permission to these third party administrations to access their friend lists or personal data for their use.

Apple has always tried to keep its privacy and new ideas very secure but since it’s venturing into new technology and proposals, its personal ideas have leaked out and formed into different rumors. Although their credibility can’t be checked until the new IPhone and iOS is launched it still provides users with an excitement and helps in increasing demand.

After Android and iOS a security problem in a famous application “Path” for using contact information in the smart-phones without notifying the users the need for controlled privacy took place. Although Path apologized for going over the information available in its users’ smart-phones it’s still a security breach which led many to wonder if other applications were also doing the same thing.

By giving its users the option of choosing prime security settings Apple gives its users variably more security. Many consumers don’t agree with third party applications using personal information considering it a breach of personal information so Apple’s new decision about more specific privacy implementations will make these users quite happy.

According to recent news, the U.S House subcommittee asked Apple why it hadn’t notified its application develops to notify users about accessing information and downloading their contacts and address books. This letter briefed to Apple’s new CEO and more than 30 application developers that worked for Apple requested them to understand the needs and privacy concerns for users. Apart from this the law has also stepped in to implement “California’s Online Privacy Act” a protection act that requested Apple, Google and other iOS developers to improve the protection that it gives to its users and requesting applications to not venture into getting personal information from smart-phones for personal requirements.

All these problems and security issues make one wonder if smart-phones are really safe and worth trusting. People use their phones as a hub of information, from credit card numbers to account details many phones have information that is extremely vital to consumers and they trust these phones blindly. By looking at Apple’s security problems and recent breaches in personal security like Linkedln’s password breach and Facebook’s spam application we can’t really trust our cell-phones to great variability.

By using the new security control settings Apple will give its users the confidence of trusting iPhone again and also the freedom to choose their own private settings for their situation. Many users don’t mind third-party applications going through their information but some do, hence the new security setting will help both parties in their personal preferences.

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