Internet Marketing Minute: Facebook Newsfeed

How often do you just listen to what others have to say on Facebook?

If the answer is not often enough, then it is time to start using the Facebook Newsfeed to learn more about what your network is up to in their life.

Social networking is more than just posting about your business. It is about listening to what others have to say. The more you listen, the more you learn how to help your network with whatever challenges they have.

That is why this weeks’ Internet Marketing Minute is all about the Facebook Newsfeed. We want to review what makes it such a useful tool for businesses.

Internet Marketing Minute: Facebook Newsfeed

How active are you in your own news feed? Do you use it to connect with people? Do you ignore it, and go straight to your posting your own information?

Let us know in the comment area below how you use the Facebook news feed?

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2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Minute: Facebook Newsfeed”

  1. Kornelia Santoro

    I look at the newsfeed all the time, I spend a lot more time watching posts than posting my own. For me it is a way to keep in touch with people far away and to learn what is happening around the world.

    1. Kornelia,

      That is absolutely true! Great way to stay in touch with your network. Thanks!


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