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As I continue to work closer with Market Lately, it is helping me to redefine my understanding of internet marketing Chicago style!  The fact is with any merger there are bound t o be changes in perspective. For me it has enlarged my view of what I can do to help clients successfully use not only social networking, but also internet marketing.

For long term readers you probably know that majority of my clients are solopreneurs and small business owners. I love working with entrepreneurs. However, I know that I have to be more efficient in my time with them, so we both get the most out of our conversations.

My internet marketing Chicago style approach definitely can be a tremendous asset to the companies who get stuck in the jargon of being the best they can be. Some of them just get so stuck in what they do that they forget to let people know how they can help them.

That is why I am always so intrigued by internet marketing Chicago style. Yes, we do have our own style. Here in Chicago we take meetings very important. In fact, I always have to love my clients who want me to meet with them three or four times to make sure everything is working great!

That is exactly why, I have started to incorporate some of the cool software into my business. If you want to meet with me for the 2nd or 3rd time, great let’s connect via Skype or TeamViewer. You want to show me a document to help me with your business. Awesome! Share it on Google Docs.

Internet Marketing in Chicago is not about just marketing to new prospects. Instead, it is a way to revamp how you connect with clients across the board. It makes the long distance connections feel right at home in your…office or home.

The reality is that with internet marketing tools you can cross vast distances without having to leave your office or home. That allows you to charge clients less and work with more deserving clients at the same time. Why travel halfway around the state to have a client turn you down, and then come back to meet with a second client who might do the same thing? What I have realized is that when you do everything remotely you get turned down, and move to the next person faster.

You also do not have to charge the clients who move forward with you as much to make up for the no’s. Remember, if every person who told you no brought you closer to a yes, then you have to wonder what the value is of all the no’s? For example, I do LinkedIn connections for clients. I charge $300 for this service, because it so unbelievably awesome!

If I discuss this service with 10 people face to face that means 10 hours for meetings and 20 hours total when you factor in travel. With a 10% conversion rate then 1 person tells me yes and the other 9 say no. It then takes me 5 hours to complete the work. That means 30 hours of work at $12 per hour.

That is way too little for my time. Let’s change this equation to a remote idea. 10 people, 1 says yes. I spoke with all of them on the phone. The average time on the phone was 45 minutes. (Note: Most phone conversations are shorter. People get to the point faster). You add in the 5 hours of work and we are talking $23 per hour. That is starting to get better.

200 LinkedIn Connections ($300)Face-FacePhone/Skype
Talk Time (10 clients)10 hours8 Hours
Drive Time10 hours
Work Time5 hours5 hours
Total Time25 hours13 hours
$ per hour 12.5 23

So, what does this have to with internet marketing in Chicago you might be asking? The answer is simple! Chicago is very much a let’s meet type of town. That means whatever you can do to minimize time spent is more time for you to grow your business or spend with your family. It is also a great way to understand how you must approach internet marketing Chicago style.