Use the Tips In This VideotoIncreaseYour Own Earnings and TrafficUntil Brad Campbell contacted me, I had never personally met anyone who was making five figures a month and six figures a year in online marketing. I had published a guest post for him in the past, so when he started making really good money he asked if I would work with him to increase it from $35,000 a month to $100,000 a month. That is his goal.

I finally had found someone who was making six
figures a year doing affiliate marketing online.

Increase Earnings

I asked Andy to let me (Gail Gardner of the PR5 blog share this video with you because what Brad explains will work for you no matter what you want to rank for and especially if you want to make money online. While it mentions Empower Network, it is not specifically about it so much as it is how Brad makes more money than anyone else I have personally run across. Use it to increase your own earnings.

If you can’t see the video below, go to

I hope you can see how these tips will increase your traffic and income no matter what you’re focusing on. They’ll help you know what to blog about and what to sell online.

Personally, I consider Brad the single sharpest person I’ve run into when it comes to online marketing. I want to know more about what he knows so I’m checking out his other content. I’ve watched dozens of his videos and the one in this post is the short-cut to how to rank your content so you drive the most traffic so you can make the most money.

Whether you are interested in Empower Network or not, Brad is the real deal –
the rare guy who is making real money – money that you can
live on or even make your dreams come true.

Most people, including Andy, are skeptical of Empower Network. I was, too.The huge earnings from EN are why Brad is focusing on it. He hired me and a couple of other people I recommended – all to maximize income now while he is ranking strong and Empower Network is taking off. They are coming out with a new version that is likely to get people currently sitting on the fence into EN.

People who have known me for years know I would NEVER recommend something I felt was unethical. I have written two posts with details about why I feel that even though the way David Wood and many others present Empower Network it SEEMS scammy and “too good to be true”, I have personally started going through their training and find it very good.

I would recommend it to anyone because it is SIMPLE and very clear about what to focus on and why. And what Brad shares about how what he is doing is even better than what they teach you can get from his free videos. You don’t have to join. You don’t have to pay anything to learn what he is doing that makes him six figures already.

If you want to know more, check out the post that video is in: What Should Empower Network Bloggers Actually Blog About To Make Money? or read these other posts I’ve written that explain why I – as probably the biggest stickler for ethics any blogger knows – decided Brad was right:

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If you want to make real money, you owe it to yourself to look at what Brad advises. It’s free, so just do it now. It could change your life – IF you apply it.