Today we are starting up the first WordPress Online Meetup at Noon CST. The idea here is to create connections with others in the WordPress community.  To do this we will have a general networking meeting on Google Plus Hangout on Air. This way we can also stream the entire conversation to YouTube, and get a wider participation from WordPress users around the globe.

The topic for this Hangout will be more about connecting with others in the WordPress community. The plan is to have bi-weekly meetups, where we will start having featured speakers come into the group to discuss various WordPress challenges, ideas, strategies, and more.

Since this will be a hangout on air, we will have the links available for the hangout 10 minutes before 12 PM CST. We have to manually invite people, so the video is first come, first serve. Everyone else will receive the YouTube link. Check back on this event page and/or the WordPress Online Meetup for the link.

Here is the registration link for the event:

If you have any questions, please let us know on the WordPress Online Meetup Community on Google Plus :

Tell your friends, quietly remind your enemies, and put this on your calendar.

Look forward to seeing you today at the first WordPress Online Meetup.

Again, here is the registration link for the event:

See you at the WordPress Online Meetup today!