In America there are many things that are created every day. From new advances in science to new reports and advancements in our society the United States is always on the move and ready for quick burst of information.

That to me is why Twitter is a perfect example of made in America. The service is ideal for a country always looking to find out really quickly what is going on? What’s happening with X? How is Y doing? Who in the world is working on Z? Let’s face it, we were a twitter nation long before we knew what the word (or the website) was?

We like the fact that instead of waiting for the news at 9, @Jimmy down the street or @notreal in Brazil can retweet the information and the events as they are happening. Instant has become the norm in this country, and whether we like it or not it will continue in that direction.

That means for business owners we need to do the following:

1. Be online every day for at least 10-15 minutes keeping up with clients, network partners, and business associates so we can stay connected.

2. In order to make sure that your time is not completely drained from these sites, use a stopwatch or to keep on track.

3. Make sure that you have a plan for social network, whether it is to meet 5 prospects/day or stay in touch with your network partners.

This way you can then become part of the social networking community and not lose yourself in the twittersphere!