We will be discussing how to identify fonts that you like for your online marketing. I know what you are thinking! How unbelievably cool I must be to discuss this topic.  Yes, I really am that cool to be discussing Font Finder websites with you. Enjoy the ride today as I make the transition to “epic” with the info I share.

However, before you start watching the video below to see how easy this is to do, just a quick vocab lesson. What I mean by “Identify Fonts” is using online tools that help you to determine what type of font a website is using by a picture or the font characteristics.

Identify Fonts Tools

Identify Fonts Tools List

There are three Font Finder tools that I like. They are all online free tools as you saw in the video above. Below is a quick review of each site.

What The Font- This is really cool when you have the image on your computer, because you can either upload a picture or the url of the site and this tool will actually read the graphic to read the words on the graphic. It reads the font shapes and then identifies the font based on those shapes.

Identifont- I think this is a cool way to identify fonts, because you can really understand exactly what type of marketing fonts different sites use to promote their business. It walks you step by step to understanding the different types of fonts in a graphic or text.

Bowfin Printworks– This is one that I think is a good alternative to the other two font finder tools. Some of the information that you have to wade through is more superfluous than the other sites. However, it is definitely quality information.

As you can see, I have really nerded up how to use fonts for your marketing efforts. However, the right look and feel of the words you use go a long in determining your success. With that in mind, I am curious which fonts you enjoy using the most on your blog, website, fan page, and so on? Let me know, so we can all identify fonts together (Yes, I know…nerd).