This is going to be a really cool version of Guru Gushers as we discuss iCurator Pro for Windows. Long name, but really, really cool applications. We are scratching the normal, long-winded video(this is the point where you need to go down to the comment box and protest that my videos are great) that I do each week with Guru Gushers.

iCurator Pro for Windows is a software program that you can use to improve the quality of your back-end products and also package free offers more effectively.

I want to actually show you how the software for this week’s Guru Gusher works with a little demo. To get this demo download the free software package I have included below about iCurator Pro for Windows. Play with it and see how this works.

[membership_download_item_zip link] [/membership_download_item_zip]iCurator Pro For Windows

OK! So we all knew that we had to play this video. Live with it!

Andy Brocklehurst has a number of different products out there that he uses to help business owners with their internet marketing. I just really love how cool his iCurator Pro is for helping businesses create software quickly and easily.

Guru Gusher Rankings For iCurator Pro For Windows

1. quality-Andy’ products are top-notch quality. Every product that I have bought from him (3 in total I believe) have been excellent. Also, his Software Product Magic, which is his cornerstone product is awesome. This is software that can actually help you create software to sell to others.

2. creep/shiver factor-The biggest challenge when you get iCurator is what do I use it for. While the applications are unlimited, you do have to be an outside the box thinker to understand how this product can help you.  Otherwise, it might just creep you out.

3. capability- iCurator Pro for Windows is really great for those who use free giveaways to build their list and also those who have online products. What a tremendous way to structure your back-end products and services. You can use this as an attractive way to organize everything from ebooks to video tutorials to software products.

4. likeability-Well, once you see my background how can you not like it? Duh!

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! I might have to just remove this question, because if it is was a fraud and did nothing then it would be Fraud Gushers! Maybe that would be a good way of answering this question. Noted!

6. support-Great support. What I recommend is joining the Skype group afterwards. Let me know when you purchase the product and I can connect you with the group admins.

7. hard up-sells- Andy does have a lot of other products. I can guarantee that there will probably be an up-sell to this product. What it is at the moment, I can not say. I bought iCurator about 3 months ago, so it eludes me at the moment.

Guru Gusher Ranking: 9 out of 10. I would give this a 10 out of 10, but I think this is a product where you have to think about how to use it. When you know how to use it then it is an amazing tool for your business.  Revision: For people with creativity this product is a 10 out of 10. For those with no creativity this product is a 5 out of 10.

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Let me know what questions you have about iCurator Pro for Windows in the comment area below.

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