I feel a small possibility of just having taken a long dive off the short end of the pier. I mean realistically, how else can you explain what I am about to tell you in the next few paragraphs. Iit all starts with the words, so many readers have dreaded hearing from my mouth over the years, “I have an idea!”

Wait! Do not leave! Do not be too scared either! Well, at least not that scared. Don’t worry it is all good! It’s ALL Good!

You deserve a break! Look at all the exertion you did and the mental torment you felt just reading the previous two paragraphs.  Agreed! Good!

I  can help you! I want to give you a great deal on your social networking and search engine optimization this week. Like run home to mom to brag how awesome their spawn is good!

We are talking about hundreds of backlinks, tweets, and information all rolled up into one amazing campaign that will save you time and also be the envy of all your friends looking to understand how to use that online marketing idea to prospect for clients GOOD!

Here is what we need to include in this campaign to make sure that you are able to create as much lead generation as possible:

  • 300 backlinks to your site to help Google and your prospects find you. (Retail Price: $150)
  • 100 Facebook Updates/Twitter Tweets written in advance to get you traffic (Retail Price: $75)
  • 1 original Blog Post 300 words or longer to use with the backlinks for targeted prospects to your site.
  • More time to focus on what you love in your business.
  • Increased branding of what your business does through social media.
  • Have a team of experts working to help you.
  • You do not have to be crazy making sure that every detail of your social media and seo campaign is just right!

While the information above is a great start, it is just simply not enough to explain why I have gone absolutely bonkers today! To explain that, I will also throw in these awesome bonuses just to help you understand how to use internet marketing to drive traffic and actually convert that traffic into business.

Bonus #1: 750 Traffic Tips

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Need to figure out how to do this? Then these 750 traffic tips go through an exhaustive list of ideas of how to generate traffic. From the fast traffic tips to the traffic tips that will bring long-lasting traffic to your site site. This guide has it all.  (Retail Value: $20)


Bonus #2: 10 Steps To Killer Web Copy             

What is the point of having traffic if you are not able to convert that traffic into business? With 10 Steps To Killer Web Copy you can understand how to use web copy for increase business. This interview details how Alex Mandossian generated over $183 million dollars in revenue for clients over a 12 year period. (Retail Value $20)


Bonus #3: 28 Cent Articles 

This is the only article marketing system out there that shows you how to create articles for pennies on the dollar. This step by step video tutorial shows you exactly what you need to do create quick and easy articles for very little money now.  (Retail Value: $17)


Altogether these services could easily cost $312. However, we are offering them today at a 60% discount off their normal prices.

I generally regain my sanity in cases like this within 2 days, so make sure that you act before then to remove the headaches of social networking and raise the price on this offer forever.  Before that happens here is how you can get started.

“Our company knows the value of social media networking but acknowledge that we can’t do it well on our own. We are so happy to have found Smart at the Start. They really make us feel like we are not neglecting an important part of our marketing. He’s saved us time and money by allowing us to focus on what we do best. Thank you!”

Elizabeth “Lulu” Miranda, Mercury Organizing Professionals

Two thumbs up for Andy Nathan! Andy has opened my eyes to the benefits of social networking. Andy helped me reach out to more professionals on Linkedin, enabling us with a solid increase in business potential.

Marty Perlow, PS Communication Group

Prior to working with Andy, I had a decent sized network on LinkedIn, but with his help, I have grown my list of contacts by nearly 20%. And, while I had an account on Twitter, I had never tweeted and was not getting any benefit. Andy has created an active Twitter account for me and I have added several hundred followers. Jack Quill, Keller Williams

Made This As Simple As 1-2-3

1. You click on the buy button to pay the $123 special offer price

2. You will be re-directed to our download page where you will be able to fill out our social networking success form so we can customize your order.

3. You submit the social networking success form and we take care of the rest.


P.S. Please remember that this offer will go away within 2 days when I remember how much these services are actually worth.

P.P.S. Just keep in mind that these services are here to help you achieve your goals through online marketing faster than you could by yourself. Why? Because you are leveraging all of my experience. There are millions of businesses going online to market their business. Would you like to have an edge over that competition? Then move forward today!

P.P.P.S. In the end, this is an investment into your business. The biggest question you can ask is how much is your investment worth? Is it worth learning about how to find and retain clients? Is it worth it to  not have to do everything yourself?

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