I messed up big time!

That is why I decided it was time to have a “Hole Sale”!

Let me clarify that!

There are days when you feel like you do everything right? Then there are days that just suck! I am not going to sugar coat this letter. Today was one of those days.

Let me go back a little ways. I got a new tenant for my former condo in Schaumburg. After being vacant for 5 months, my good friend and property manager Bernard Small was able to find awesome tenants.

However, a small leak and things getting mixed up as they often do has led to this Hole Sale. Long story short, my loss is your gain.

I am sitting here at 9:12 PM on Monday night in Schaumburg waiting for the plumber who is an hour late. Plus, that small hole in the ceiling is a little larger than previously thought.

Now, here is the kicker. I just looked and my home insurance expired. Yep! It is one of those days.

Now, here is where I messed up! I should have taken action sooner! I am so intent upon my clients taking action to build their business. I should have done the same for myself.

Alas, there is a time when you either get to be a victim or you can solve the problem!

But, I do not know anything about plumbing! Additionally, the only thing I know about a hole in the ceiling is that it is a bad thing! So, what can I do?

I can focus on what am I good at: Providing social networking stress relief to entrepreneurs!

So, my solution is the following. My website is pretty much finished after a major revamp. I wanted to leave in some finishing touches, but the site works, so why wait!

Therefore, I am going to let you in on the largest deal we have ever offered at Smart At The Start! A deal that says, “I need money now to fix the hole!” Also, one that says we want to so amaze you with our services that you will brag to your grandchildren about pricing like this for such an amazing value!

In fact when you buy any of my social networking services from Smart At The Start by August 19th at 11:59 I will give you 23% off the current price. Now that is a Hole Sale Deal!

So, go to www.smartatthestart.com! Take a look at a “Hole” bunch of great offers and invest in the services that solve your greatest social networking need.

But Wait There Is More!

I realize that a few purchases will not help me get this darn roof fixed.

So here is what I am offering to people who provide a referral (and actually read the entire letter). For every referral client I will provide you with the amazing discounts mentioned above, plus I will also help you with your social networking strategy. Every client who buys Smart At The Start services by August 19 midnight has the opportunity to have a free 30 minute Skype consultation with myself to help you organize your social networking.

To up the gambit another level, I also want to offer the same free 30 minute Skype consultation to anyone you refer to our services by August 19th. Plus, we will give you an additional 30 minutes as well (Limit 2 sessions per person). All you need to do is forward this letter to interested friends and colleagues to qualify.

These sessions are to help put your social networking in the right direction. We want to eliminate your prospects doubt when they look at your social networking profiles – And find it missing or outdated?

Can you afford to appear “technologically backwards” to your prospects and clients? Or do you want to take the lead against your competitors and to paraphrase of one of my clients, “Make a [lot] of money!”

So if you are frustrated and feel there is a hole in your social networking marketing, go to www.smartatthestart.com to invest in your business’s success.

Andy Nathan

Social Networking Schmoozer

Smart At The Start

P.S. Invest in your social networking by August 19th and we will also include our WordPress Video Training Tutorial series (Valued at $47) for free.