I had a discussion with someone on Skype yesterday about the fact that I create a highly cool blog post everyday(those might be my words). It was interesting, because he made a point of mentioning that a lot of the blogs that do post everyday do not have the same quality of information or end up doing fluff pieces versus blogs that post once a week or once a month which do not always have great content, but generally produce less fluff. While, I am sure that this blog has produced a few fluff pieces in the nearly two years it has been up. We our doing our best to put our fluff elsewhere.

For me it is a ritual to wake up everyday and find something new to talk about on my blog. Sometimes it is in the minutia, but other times it comes from gigantic revelations that I just need to tell someone or I will burst.

A bigger question is how do I actually create the quality information? Well I have my processes and thinkerings. That is what I wanted to share before bursting up today. Please beware these ideas might be too hot to handle! Booyah!

Peek Inside A Highly Cool Blog Post

Now, I will not check out all of these resources everyday. In fact, some of them get left untouched for months, until I come back to them. Either way, I will hit some of them each day in my attempt to understand the understandables and create the creatives that you see on this post.

1. Google- I sometimes just Google key phrases and see what is out there. Next thing I know I am fifteen tabs into Firefox on an expansive search into something I either knew little about and ignored or did not even know existed an hour or so prior.

2. Network-Every conversation, every meeting, every customer is a chance to see what works and what does not in the online world of social networking, seo, and internet marketing. Just keep an eye out for the cool in everyday. Where do you think this blog post came from?

3. Google Keyword Tool-I have an insane amount of search traffic that I have been receiving in the last few months. So much so that my focus is shifting to improving my conversion rate. Anyway, one of the best ways to get great articles is to start doing keyword research. I can generally find between 5-7 keyword generated articles using this approach. Generally if you see a theme week from me, it was because I found some cool keywords to use. Burst in flames! Burst in flames!

4. Social Media and Developer Blogs-This is something that I should have been way more active on earlier in my blogging watch out! another blog post!career, but I am making it a point to go to the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress blogs at least once a week. I will also look to hit Youtubes, Google Webmaster, Google Ads, and other top sites blogs from time to time. Right from the horse’s mouth sort of make sense. Another thing to do for SEO is listen to Matt Cutts either on his blog or through video interviews.

5. Forums-I am active in Warrior Forum, and will sometimes go onto Warrior Forum to peruse what is out there. Some of the internet marketers are doing things that most marketers would not even think of, so it makes me smarter just to hear their ideas and views into pretty much everything internet. Just be careful not to be sucked up into too many conversations.

6. The lab-I mentioned this yesterday in my post about LinkedTube, but it is worth repeating that I am always testing out new ideas. That is how a lot of my best campaigns and packages started. My blog is a great place for me to discuss some of these crazy ideas for new insights.

7. Thoughts I need outed! The fact is my mind is working in a million different directions. Sometimes I just have thoughts that need to be discussed. Plus, I might have  a cool joke or cartoon that I work an entire blog post around. Humor at the center, exactly where it should be.

These are the major ways that I create these highly cool blog posts on a regular basis. For me, during the week it is how I get started and learn about what is going on while I slept. With my blog post finished I know that I have accomplished at least one thing noteworthy for the day, and now I can get even more done.  What are your insights into creating a highly cool blog post everyday?