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We started the week discussing how amazing it is to have an html blog Html Blog WordPress Content Management Systemthat is also a Content Management System with WordPress for new bloggers. Throughout the week we went through different plugins, themes, and benefits of using WordPress as a social media destination. Now, I want to put everything together through screenshots and descriptions so you get the full picture of what you can do with your WordPress. Take your html blog that you would normally have to do all of the work and instead transform it into a full content management system.

First, Let’s start with the ability for me to create new pages and posts everyday on WordPress. With a few clicks of a button you can create a new webpage that will fit into the general Theme and structure of your entire website. You can set up every page to have it’s own distinct characteristics and feel. For example, do you want to get rid of comments from one page. You can do it through the edit page option. You can also optimize each page’s search engine readability with the All-In-One SEO plugin plus create the content for each page with the simple text information.

That is also why I love creating blog posts. It is so simple. All you need to do is type your content and click a few boxes, such as the category along with filling in the All-in One SEO information and you are off to the races with your next post.

Wordpress Posts

Second, the abWordpress Tandil Themeility to change themes at will is a huge plus when dealing with WordPress. These are not your boring plaid themes that you would have seen 15 years ago when the internet started. Instead, what you have is an amazing array of top notch graphical themes at your disposal that will help you convey the most appropriate image for your business.

Third, as we discussed on Tuesday the plugins are what really makes WordPress amazing. With plugins, such as the All-in One SEO, WP Recaptcha, Google Analytics, Sexy Bookmarks, and Event Calendar you have everything that you need at your fingertips to create a top-notch website. That is what seperates in my mind the WordPress blog from other blog systems. The fully customizable options that can be easily created with little effort on your part.

Fourth, I enjoy the ability to make sure that the community we are creating here is successful. In order to do that I Wordpress Commentsneed the proper tools. WordPress is a tremendous community builder. I am now able to control spammers, answer serious questions, and post comments whenever I need to in order to create an amazing place for people to communicate.

With all of these attributes in mind, I definitely think that you need to consider your html blog be a wordpress blog that turns old style html web design into new style blogs. It is an amazing world for those looking to learn how to get the most out of their web 2.0 experience using an html blog