Twitter was absolutely mind-boggling for me when I first started using it.  I felt like I was flinging random 140 character thoughts into the Twitter-verse and no one was listening.

Eventually, I realized that was exactly what I was doing.  Nobody cared about my tweets.  And no one commented or retweeted me.

It turns out that 71% of tweets produce NO RESPONSE.  So at least I wasn’t the only one!

But I heard other businesses rave about how powerful Twitter was for getting leads and sales.  One internet marketer did a test and found that Twitter generated 13x more traffic for his website than Facebook did…with fewer followers!

I needed a system to make Twitter work for me.  That’s when I stumbled across Don Crowther’s information and adapted it for my business.

Here’s the gist: social media is all about CONTENT.  Make your Twitter feed a continuous flow of valuable content for your prospective clients.  Once you become a resource for all the latest trends and news in your industry, you are firmly established as an expert.  Your prospects will follow you, retweet you and…most importantly…buy from you.

Sounds good, right?  But does it work?

I decided to give it a try.  We started following this system and got these really cool results in only 60 days:

  • Our retweets went up by 45%.
  • The number of lists we are on increased by 200%!
  • Twitter is now the #3 source of traffic for our website.
  • Influential people in our industry started retweeting and mentioning us in their tweets, exposing us to their most devoted followers.

In short, it works!  You’ll start to see results immediately, but expect it to take a little time to fully develop.  The really cool thing is that it’s EASY.

The key to remember is that you can ONLY tweet about what’s interesting and valuable to the market you want to attract.  That means no more, “Spicy tuna roll for lunch,” tweets.  Unless your ideal followers are sushi fans.

If you give your prospective customers exactly the information, ideas and news they are looking for, they will follow you and pay attention to your tweets.  Your Twitter feed will be irresistible.  And you can do it all by using other people’s content!

On the other hand, if your Twitter feed is filled with schizophrenic, self promoting or empty tweets, your voice will fall on deaf ears.

Become an Industry Expert in 5 Minutes a Day

  1. Think about the ideal customer you want to attract.  Make a list of her interests.  What information is she looking for?  What questions does she have?  What hobbies does she have that aren’t directly related to your business?
  2. Search the internet for 100-500 of the very best blogs providing the information your prospect is looking for.  Grab the RSS feed for each blog.Note: if this sounds like a lot of work, remember that you need to have the best content if you want to be considered an industry expert.  More is better!  And you do the work once to set it up, then it’s automatic.
  3. Import these RSS feeds into Google Reader or any other RSS feed reader you like.
  4. Each day, write 5-15 tweets using the coolest blog posts you find in your reader.  Make sure your tweet is a compelling “headline” that makes them want to click through and include the url to that blog post.

Watch this video below and I’ll walk you through the steps:

That’s it!  5 minutes a day and you’ll be the resource for the best of the best in your industry, which automatically grants you expert status.

Your followers will quickly learn that your tweets aren’t the typical useless garbage; your tweets will be fun, informative and irresistibly attractive to them.

After a couple of weeks, once your followers have learned to trust the quality of your tweets, occasionally include something promotional or a link to your own website.  Just make sure you don’t do this too often or this will RUIN your industry expert status and you’ll become, “just another sales person.”

Following this system will drive targeted traffic to your website and money into your bank account.

Got questions about using Twitter for your business?  Leave a comment.

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