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Connecting with customers through Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook will not only increase sales but create a positive buzz about your company.  Facebook and Twitter are excellent resources for connecting with your friends and followers to release important information about your company.  For example if your company sells wireless headsets Twitter is a great way to tweet about product sales and discounts.  When a tweet is distributed to your Social Network, your followers will then tell their friends and co-workers about the deal, creating a buzz online that is highly rewarding.  Using Twitter is also a great way to release valuable information to your clients about crucial product defects or required updates.  Social Media outlets help create a domino like effect with your information online by telling your friends something, then they tell their friends and so on.  Social Media is a great way to get in touch with a large audience within a matter of seconds making it one of the most powerful marketing tools online.

Facebook is a good way to stay in contact with clients using a more direct approach.  Facebook is definitely more personal than Twitter which can have it’s pros and cons.  Facebook is an excellent source for purchases and customer service issues as it provides a trusted source for communications.  Social Media has truly changed the marketing strategy of companies online seeking a positive way to reach a wider audience.  Facebook and Twitter are only two main media outlets online but with technology changing daily there are now thousands of different media outlets to reach your customers online.  Depending on what your main reason for contacting customers online, using Social Media with its the many different platforms, can be a great fit for your business requirements.  Out of all the Social Media outlets online, Twitter seems to be the most powerful as it is great way to reach all your customers with a single tweet.

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