Interested in a new How to use Skype video that will knock your socks off? Great! I created one recently with Theuns Sefortein. I talk all the time about how social networking is about connecting with people, and how you want to build closer relationships with the people you meet all around the world. One of the best tools for continual engagement with prospects, clients, referral partners, and connections is Skype.

That is why we created this How To Use Skype Video. It is so important you understand the basics of this powerful tool, so you can start up a real conversation with people that you meet through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

If you are looking to have any type of national or international presence in your business, this tool is an absolute must. It combines the power of phones with instant messenger, plus group teleconferencing and computer screen sharing to boot.

One last item before you check out this video. More and more of my social networking connections are opting for talking on Skype first. It is an easy and safe way to continue the conversation with someone you are still getting to know. Keep that in mind, if you want to have a safe place to connect with people, where you do not have to give them your phone number or other pertinent information.

How To Use Skype Video

Now, that you have seen this amazing How To Use Skype Video, go to today to set up an account.

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