Over the weekend I did a video about how to set up Facebook ads for your business. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to create the associated blog post that I promised. So, here is that blog post as discussed. Enjoy the pleasurable musings of Facebook ads.

How To Set Up Facebook Ads Tutorial

As you can see setting up a basic Facebook ad is not the challenging part of the equation. The challenge is creating an ad that not only generates traffic and clicks, but also conversions.

Pay Per Click is a numbers game. That means the more people you send to the advertisement, the more chances you have of successfully closing prospects on your services.

So, how do you improve your chances of winning a numbers game? You get the house to be on your side. Think about casinos for a second when they have players coming into their cash-making emporiums.

Theoretically, if 1,000 players walk into a casino all at once with $100, the house knows a few players will win, a lot will break even, and a good percentage will lose some to all of their money.

The big question is how do casinos get more people to lose their money with them. Easy! Offer free drinks, and a host of other gifts designed to enchant visitors into staying longer. The longer people stay, the greater the odds of them losing money.

To be clear, I am not calling your product a casino money sink hole. However, your business operates the same ways with Facebook ads. You offer a free incentive for people to go to your page from free information to the popular iPad offers seen around the internet. McDonald’s has built an empire around their annual Monopoly game. You have to accept that a few people will actually win, and take the information you give them and run.

That is OK! You are better off knowing now that those people would never make a great customer.

However, what you should be focusing on are the people who get your information, sign up for your list, and like your page. Those individuals had a reason for staying. Something about your services made their mouths water, and their eyes delirious with delight.

In short your ad hooked them. Your free offer was the line that drew them in closer, and now you have some gamblers willing to pay money for your product.

If you take our example casino, you now have 10 people who doubled their money and left the casino. Good for them! Another 50 people broke even. AKA, they  became fans, respond to your content, and then essentially do nothing. Great, these fans might eventually bring others into the casino, but do not expect much business from them.

Now, here is where it really gets interesting. You now have 40 people who lost their $100. Since, the casino had losses on other players, this means they essentially profit on 20 players who came into the casino.

Facebook ads works on a principle similar to this. You get people in the door with something that hooks them to an emotional need. Once there, your job is to then to capture that need, and convert it into something tangible for a client.

If you need help with setting up Facebook ads to do this, let me know. I help clients in a number of different industries to create the right offer and message needed to drive clients into your door. Call me at 847-710-7093 with any questions you might have.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to set up Facebook ads.