I was just posting a new Ezine Articles post today and looking through some of my old Ezine Articles about Twitter. It was the foundation of this blog. I wanted to actually take the transcript from the first post on Ezine Articles to show you again how important Twitter Retweets are to your success building relationships. The only thing that I would add to that original information is that you need to ask questions once people respond to keep the conversation going.

Do you want to build relationships on Twitter? Then it is time to care about what other people on Twitter do. Check out how to use the new ReTweet function on Twitter to build your business by building relationships! Twitter ReTweets are the closest thing to a relationship builder on Twitter. Once you ReTweet someone’s information you are sending out the message to your followers and also the person you ReTweeted that their information is important enough to repeat for everyone to hear.

Additionally, you have repeated the initial person’s tweets so that there is a larger impact on the original person’s information. To me, that is what Twitter is all about. Conveying your message to your audience, so that it is so engaging that other people will go out of their way to discuss this with their entire network. All of this is now available in the touch of a button on Twitter.

Now, take this a step further by looking at how to use this for your business. Imagine courting a prospect months on end, continually asking for the sale. The entire time you are focusing on your needs. Now you go onto Twitter one day and lo and behold their is your client discussing issues that affect their business. Imagine the impact of listening to what they say on Twitter and then deciding to send this information out to your entire following. That ReTweet leads to your prospect getting more exposure and possibly business. Do you think the next time you are in their office they will be more attentive to your conversation? I would think so!

Use the ReTweets to build your relationships on Twitter. It is easy and free, while the value you can provide from one ReTweet could be immeasurable!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_M_Nathan