“How to promote your blog?”

That question seems like it is on the tips of small business owners and internet marketers everywhere. So, I decided to do a last minute test this morning how to promote your blogand gather some cool bloggers together to get their insights on how to promote your blog.

We gathered some of their key ideas to help you understand some different ways you can promote your blog. What I recommend is to take a look at the ideas below and find one idea that you can start executing on today.  Then come back in a day or two when you used the first idea and started taking a look at one of the other ideas below.

The most significant idea in blogging is that you have to be consistent with whatever strategy you use below, or nothing will work. One shot wonders take 20 years to happen. Long-term businesses takes a lot less time.

How To Promote Your Blog From The Bloggers

I generate a large percentage of my engaged traffic through the use of commenting and social sharing based syndication tribes. These tribes allow me to build both my SEO (via activity, relevancy and social proof) while also building my social media presence. The combined power of working together rocks!

Kim Castleberry from Just-Ask-Kim

Promote Your BlogThe best two ways to promote your blog are commenting on related blogs and then writing guest posts for the blogs where you comment. We love using CommentLuv because it allows us to share with the blog owner and their readers what we care about, so you can build relationships faster.

Gail Gardner, GrowMap

How To Promote Your BlogA cool way to promote your blog… “promote the blogs of people who share the same value system as you do and communicate your respect of them to them WITHOUT expectation of something in return.”

Peter Pocklington, Freedom Nation United

I signed up right away for Networked Blogs on Facebook and then posted to my four facebook fan pages, so all my fans would know that my thought of the day was out. Friends on the networked blogs network would help share the post as well.

Jerome Johnson, EasyInternetMarketingSoftware.com

Thanks to all the bloggers who answered my pesky questions. It was greatly appreciated.  For the readers, let me know below what questions you have and also if you have anything to add to how to promote your blog.