I always like the viral Youtube videos. Nothing like a plague to describe how you want your video to be disseminated throughout the world. Do not fear, nothing in this blog post will give you the Bubonic Plague. We like to stay true to our advertising and brand.

Instead, we will provide you with a little good ole fashioned viral internet marketing strategy to help you increase your traffic to your website. That is the reason why I decided to do a How To video today on Viral Youtube Videos. Is there anything better than demonstrating how to make viral youtube videos through actual videos.

Viral Youtube Videos Time


Please note that no animals were killed in the testing in any of my viral Youtube videos. Additionally, the idea that one video can go viral and then another video fall flat on it’s face is just plain old internet luck. The only way to do your best is to be as prepared as possible to distribute your video across the internet landscape, plus continue watching this Viral Youtube Video and sharing it with your friends for hours of entertainment.

Tell us your thoughts on how you get viral Youtube videos to your subscribers and prospects?