I was thinking about all the cool advances in social media and thought that it would be great for businesses to learn how to make a webshow to build their brand. Everyone knows about Youtube, and there are millions of visitors that go to the site everyday. How to make a webshow goes beyond your normal Youtube video though. Webshows become a concerted effort to create valuable content for your viewers on a daily basis.

Here are the five steps that you need to do how to do when you decide to make a webshow for your business:

1. Create an unique niche for your webshow. No one will come to your Weekly Business Reports webshow. Too boring and generic. However, Top Business Mistakes of the Week might serve a specific audience, who would devotedly follow your show. Do market research on your target audience, so you can tailor your webshow to that crowd.

2. Decide the best setting for your show. Is it a serious topic that you want to discuss. Maybe having a good backdrop relevant to your topic will work? Maybe you want to be a little funny, then finding an odd spot might be the best shooting location for you. Keep in mind that wherever you do the filming you need to have the right lighting and microphones to make your webshow a success.

3. When you are doing a webshow it is all about having the right team to help you become successful. Making sure that you have people who can help you write, record, and edit the webshow is a crucial part of making this successful for your business. Doing everything yourself is the quickest way to wear yourself out.

4. Create a script, or at the very least have an outline for your webshow, so you can get as much information and be as entertaining as possible throughout your webshow without rambling and getting off topic. You need to be organized in your webshow, otherwise you could lose support as people realize they can find more quality information elsewhere. This is also where having someone edit everything will come in handy. You can make sure that the small flaws that come out in the taping are removed.

5. Promote your webshow. The great thing about doing this online, is that you can easily have people share your webshow through Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Stumbleupon to begin. Additionally, having small clips on Youtube directing people to the full show on your website is a great way to direct traffic. Finally, you can use a WordPress theme to create a video blog and then do some search engine optimization to add some organic traffic to your webshow’s mix of viewers.

So, now that you know how to make a webshow for your business, what show are you going to produce?