Learning how to find your USP for your business can take time. Do not expect this to be an overnight realization. Some of the greatest USP’s, or Unique Selling Propositions, were developed over years of innovation.

The key to finding a USP that works for your business is to analyze what makes your business unique. Then add in how you help your clients with whatever challenges they are facing at the moment.

How To Find Your USP

Here are some famous examples of companies USP’s.

  1. FedEx – “Overnight delivery guaranteed.”
  2. AAA – “24 hour roadside assistance.”
  3. Ford – “Built Ford Tough.”
  4. Walmart – “Always Low Prices.”
  5. 7-Up-“How could we make a plain-looking drink with no color a good thing for our customers?”
  6. AT&T    The world’s networking company
  7. DeBeers    A diamond is forever
  8. Ford    Quality is job one
  9. Fox News    Fair and balanced
  10. Jaguar    The art of performance
  11. LendingTree    When banks compete, you win
  12. Maxwell House    Good to the last drop
  13. MGM    MGM means great movies
  14. Polaroid    The fun develops instantly
  15. Quiznos    M’m, m’m, m’m, m’m, m’mtoasty!

All of the USP’s listed above not only invoke what the company does, but also what makes each company unique. When you think about Walmart, you know that you will get the lowest prices around. However, when you remember Polaroid, you think about their instant pictures that were the first to come to the market.

Use the companies above as an inspiration, and then follow the video above to discover how to find your USP.