Social media marketing is the process of acquiring more website traffic via social media network exposure.  We won’t take the time to go into the importance of social media marketing because, by now, you are well aware of those statistics.

However, we will address the fact that, for a small business, the price of social media marketing can be quite steep.  Yes, we know the networks are “free;” however, they demand a lot of time and manpower – both of which are in short supply.

It is important for small businesses to get the most bang out of their social media buck.  Here are four ways you can make sure your social media marketing endeavors are worth the effort.

1.  Be a Person, Not Just a Brand

Obviously, it is important to build brand awareness.  However, people tend to relate better to people.  Don’t forget to be a person!  Post a funny comment a coworker made at this morning’s staff meeting.  Share pictures from your company’s Christmas party.  Ask a thought provoking question.  Just make sure your posts are optimistic and cheerful.  And, don’t go overboard.  Ten posts a week is good.  Ten posts a day is bad.  Ten posts an hour will get you unfriended.

2.  Monitor What Your Clients Are Doing 

What are your customers saying and doing on their social media accounts?  Keeping an eye on them will help you predict their wants, understand how to serve them better, and build relationship quicker.

3.  “Whatever You Are, Be a Good One.”

When Abraham Lincoln shared those words of wisdom, he probably wasn’t talking about social media marketing.  However, for a small business, nothing could be more honest.  When resources like time and manpower are stretched thin, it can be easy to give a half-hearted effort to your social media accounts.  Instead of doing a poor job managing multiple sites, give 100% of your attention to just one account.  Determine which network has the highest concentration of your audience.  Then, give that network everything you have!

4.  Give Away Insider Tips

Make a list of all the most challenging, controversial, fascinating customer questions that are related to your industry.  Then, sit down and write content that addresses every one of those topics.  If you show a genuinely desire to meet your customers’ needs, you will be linked to, liked and retweeted.  Plus, by acknowledging the issues that others are too scared to approach will give you the competitive edge.

Make sure your small business’s efforts aren’t be squandered.  Be as effective as possible! Social media marketing has its advantages, but they come at a price.

Guest author Laurel Smith works for a local marketing firm.  She helps various businesses with their social media marketing efforts.  For example, she used YouTube to market this video for Tampa hair loss treatment.