Ever see someone in your timeline post tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet. It can be annoying, and is something that you definitely do not want yourself? I hope! I have been debating about how many tweets is appropriate for a person to post on a daily basis.

I generally like to limit my scheduled tweets to less then 10 per day. I have found that it is nice to focus on a few key points every day to get across to my followers, and anything past that is not necessary. On the other hand, when people are talking to me, because of my Tweets, I feel there is no limit to a good conversation.

Here is what I like to do for my campaigns.  First, I plan a theme around what I will be discussing that drives home the point that I have thought through what I am discussing.  Second, it allows me to focus my customers attention around the service that I can provide to them. For example, some of my recent posts have related to good content. This coincides with my ability to help businesses grow business online through great content. Make sure that you have a plan for what you are doing, or someone else will have a plan for you.

Additionally, consistency is a key element in your success online. At the same time that you not want to tweet too much to your followers, you also do not want to tweet too little. You should be posting at least once a day in order to keep your customers apprised of what is going on, and to keep their interest.

I guess this means that tweeting is a balancing act like everything else. That reminds me of a familiar fairy tale brought to life through Twitter. Twitter is like Goldilocks. Not too many tweets and not too little, make sure that your tweets are just right.