In today’s digitally dominated world, more and more companies are focusing on their internet presence, specifically in the “blogosphere”. But what exactly are the benefits of creating and maintaining a blog for your company when you already have a regular website? Once you know why customers are looking for your blog in the first place, you will see that not only is a company blog a good idea; it’s quickly becoming an absolute necessity.

A Blog Brings Customers Back

An interested customer will visit a static website… once – maybe twice. On the other hand, a blog is constantly updated with new information, and can let customers know when your main website has been updated as well. A well maintained blog with company news, information on other aspects of your internet presence, and quality writing on subjects related to your services (called ‘filler content’) can bring you a loyal internet following. Including subscription tools like email newsletters or RSS feeds is not only simple, but potential subscribers will really appreciate receiving an alert when your blog is updated, and you’ll receive more traffic.

A Blog Allows Feedback

Unlike a static website, blogs usually allow comments from readers on each article. This allows you to gather opinions from a wide variety of customers about your latest product announcement, post more appropriate filler content, and make your readers feel engaged. With social media and business becoming so tightly knit, consumers expect to feel like they can easily connect and communicate with companies, and a blog is a great way to achieve this.

A Blog is Easy to Make

Several popular blogging platforms are moving towards more ease of use with each update. Websites like Google Blogger allow windows of text and widgets to be organized visually on your blog instead of working with code. WordPress requires code to implement, but finding someone who knows how to install WordPress is easy and fairly inexpensive; if you already have a software or web developer at your company, they likely already know how to use WordPress or can easily learn.

A Great Blog Pays for Itself

It’s easy to add sponsored advertising from groups like Google Adsense and Project Wonderful to your blog, which pay you for every page-view and/or click they receive from your blog’s visitors. Between sponsored advertising and all the new business you’ll get from keeping your clients engaged with the blog in the first place, a well constructed, well written blog will never be a waste of money and resources.

Take a few resources to set up your company’s blog and you will soon see how valuable it can be to keep customers engaged and interested in your latest news and innovations.

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