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In today’s age of cut throat competition, setting up a business and making it burgeon with time is no cake walk! One mistake and your hopes come cascading down. Information, advice and assistance available for free compounded with step-by-step strategic advice, direct access to one-on-one counseling, legal advice and trustworthy funding opportunities readily available often act as a breather. So, before taking that giant leap take a look at few startup resources:


A nonprofit organization engaged in providing online and in-person mentoring for free. It has a national counseling force of 11,800 working and retired business owners and executives in nearly 400 chapters. SCORE is hailed for multidimensional counseling provided by its well-trained mentors which assists in meeting client’s specific needs and business or market. Counseling is not just motivational but also practical, informational and strategic. It provides extensive additional support in the form of online learning, business templates and extensive resource learning.

SCORE has even started posting “Small Business Smart Start Tools” on a monthly basis which extends its helping hand resources for assessing your business and organizing your workplace. It often comes up with online workshops to quick-start business plans. Lately, it even has a subsite dedicated to assist women entrepreneurs.

Small Business Development Centers

It’s an expansive network of 1,100 branch offices which delivers apt counseling, training and technical assistance in all aspects of small-business management. It helps with financials, marketing, production, organization, engineering and technical problems, and feasibility studies. All of its centers have specific websites and assists nascent entrepreneurs in industry-specific training. SBDCs are housed at academic institutions, so startups can utilize grads in carrying out in depth market research. Many SBDCs regularly publish region-specific business resource guide. All centers have their own on-site resource guide and one can make an appointment any number of time and that too without incurring any charge.


Small business administration offers an array of startup assessment tools and resources to cater to the needs of new and aspiring entrepreneurs. The small business planner has guides regarding all aspects of business whatsoever. It offers free access to courses on topics like writing a business plan and such courses which pack an educational wallop. Its resource library is very helpful indeed! Its new initiative, Patriot Express, provides expedited funding for startups which are or have been in military and his spouse is also given the same. It supports women entrepreneurs thru Women’s Business Ownership. Moreover, its Minority Business Development Centers offer free business consulting services and financial management advice.

U.S. Chamber Small Business Center

This arm of U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides comprehensive startup assistance thru its web-based tools and resources. Its Startup Toolkit is immensely helpful in assessing if a startup idea has chances for success to accessing capital and beyond. Its large small-business library provides insight into various aspects of entrepreneurship. Soon it shall have enriched resources from contributing partners like SCORE, SBCDs and FastTrac entrepreneur learning program available on its website. The “Tools” section of the center’s library has various business models and government forms available for all. Its strength is the tips it provides in knowing how to exit your business thus helping you shape it accordingly. Also, guidance on government landing contracts is worthwhile.

So, folks let that business-crazy ideas in your mind lead to fruition!

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