Happy New Years!

Hope you have had a great 2011! Looking forward to 2012 being even better. In order to help and to follow up with the theme from yesterday about Seizing the Social Networking.

I thought a little free gift for the New Year was in order… a way to map out the success.

Here is a shorter breakdown of what I have been doing every year, since my second year in the mortgage business. I breakdown what I want to accomplish for the year by working out the activities that I need to do to get where I want to go. Some of these activities will change throughout the year as I determine my time could be spent elsewhere. For example, my networking has gone down from last year, but my social networking has gone up along with my blogging.

SalesWeekly And Monthly SalesPerson Activity
WklyMosNetworkingSM/BloggingFollow UpAppt (DM)
Writing28Weekly3-5 events2 hours60 calls15
Monthly12-20 events40 hours240 calls60

Note: SM=Social Media DM=Decision-Maker

As you can see in the chart above I am looking to have a good mix of 2-3 different marketing efforts to bring in new clients. I know that the majority of my time on this blog is spent talking about how to build your business through different social and internet marketing efforts.

My belief is that most businesses will see a compounding effect when they also use it with offline strategies like networking, phone calls, and other direct marketing strategies.

Just a little to wrap your head around before the new year. Take a few moments to do a breakdown of how you can improve your sales. What are your sales goals for each product that you sell? Then after you are finished: Go out and sell them. After the New Year that is! Need to be rested up first. Have a great New Year! Talk to you a year from now…January 2nd, 2012.