I wanted to take a few minutes today away from Twitter. Away from social networking in general, and discuss the 4th of July. As an American writing this I value freedom. I value the freedom to create my own life. I value the freedom to create amazing businesses, ideas, and services. I value the financial freedom that comes along with it.

While I might not talk about it everyday, I also value the ability to simply turn on my computer everyday and start typing in order to communicate to you about my view of the world. How many countries out there now would censor a blog like mine where I talk about the ability to connect with unlimited number of people around the globe. Those less forward thinking have banned a number of social networks in the country, including Twitter and Facebook out of fear that it is a communication tool that usurpers will use to destroy their nation.

Additionally, I am happy for the freedom to learn and grow. Throughout the history of the world there have been many people who had no choice in what they did every day. From the Jewish slaves in Egypt to serfs in the middle ages to African Americans in the past limited by the color of their skin in this country.  I have the freedom to not only choose my path, but the knowledge that I can achieve it without bigotry or hatred.

So I want to wish every here who chose to read this post a Happy 4th of July! Whoever you chose to be with on this holiday weekend enjoy! Let me know what you plan to do? I am curious.

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