Cool stuff about YepText for this week’s Guru Gushers. This is a mobile marketing platform that helps you easily build your mobile marketing through text messaging to clients. I am really impressed with how simple they made their system. The only thing I had to search for was the QR code information. Everything else was easy to find, and quick to set up.

This is a great strategy for any retail or restaurant looking to get repeat business. Now you can provide your clients with incentives to come back to your store more often. Business professionals can use this to connect with their target market after they meet them at networking events, one-one coffees, and other events.

Guru Gushers YepText

Guru Gusher Review of YepText

1. quality-So far, so good! I am a little too early into my trial of this program to let you know the full quality of the site. The cool thing about sharing YepText with you as I get started is that I get to look at the site with fresh eyes.

2. capability-Test it for yourself. Per the video I set up above for my YepText account, Send smartstart to 41242 to see how it will look on your phone.

3. likeability-I can not get over how simple the set up is for YepText.

4. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes!

5. support-No clue! I have done everything online, because the system is simple and I have not had to contact


6. hard upsells- Every plan has a limited number of messages, so I guess you could say this is a hard sell.

However, they are upfront with you about the charges. They even had a pop out stating that after my two week trial I would be charged $9 per month unless I cancelled.

I am giving YepText a 9 out of 10 for such an easy design and set up.Like I mentioned above, the only challenge I had was with finding the QR code. Other than that this was a really simple process.

What do you think of YepText?