As we peruse this week at a new Guru Gusher, we take a look at the Mafia Mastermind. This is Rick Hodge’s new internet marketing membership. The godfather of skype has struck again with this cool idea to help internet marketers more effectively manage their internet marketing business.

The Mafia Mastermind

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Guru Gushers The Mafia Mastermind

1. quality-There are so many great speakers Rick has had on his webinars that this makes membership worth it by itself. I have learned some great strategies over the past month or so from memberships to list building. In fact, we are doing a JV Giveaway right now that is really giving me a bump to my list.

2. creep/shiver factor-the mafia mastermindJust Rick’s hat! Just Kidding! Somewhat! Maybe! On a more serious note. (Have we ever had a serious post on this blog. Hm!)The only shiver factor is that this is a new membership. It means that the group is still developing and the content is still in it’s infancy. However, that is a good and bad thing, because it gives a drive for a mastermind group like this to improve.

3. capability-If nothing else this group is consistent. Always having people step up to help each other. Always having people around to help you with your business is an amazing feeling.

4. likeability-This is the godfather! Plus, I love Rick’s Skype rooms.

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes it does!

6. support-Rick is one of the few internet marketers who will give out his phone number to everyone, so they can call him if they have a challenge.

7. hard upsells-He has a $1 Kindle Book on Amazon. Ooh! Hard Sell!

I would tell you that I am a little biased, because I know Rick personally. However, I believe that most of the people who have joined his Skype rooms and membership would agree. For this, I give the Mafia Mastermind a 7 out of 10.

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