Today we will be adding an awesome new series to this blog called the Guru Gushers. This is something that has taken me a little while to devise, and I am sure I will be making some changes to in the next few weeks.

First, every week we will be reviewing different products from various Internet Marketing, Affiliate, Social Media, Video Marketing, Blogging, and other online “Guru’s”. Some of them will like the name Guru. Others will believe the name of “Guru” should be something equivalent to an Indian teacher like I do.

Second, I will be reviewing different products that I believe can make a difference in your marketing. Or products that are complete fluff and need to be avoided. For those that I believe are good they might have an affiliate code like this week’s topic Skype Mafia Mastermind. The ones that are bad will have a picture of a black hole next to it or some other deserving moniker.

Without further ado, I would like to present this week’s Guru Gusher.

Guru Gusher: Skype Mafia Mastermind

This product is just awesome! However, what makes it even better is that you can get access to building relationships on Rick Hodge’s various skype groups with hundreds of other entrepreneurs for just $1.75. This is just an amazing offer and the reason the guru is gushing.

Get the Skype Mafia Mastermind today:

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