Let’s Get Ready To Guru Gush! This week’s Guru Gusher will focus on some product creators that I know very well: Isaiah Jackson and Rick Hodge. They have created a product called QuickStart Pro. This is a great product for internet marketers looking to create products and use video to promote your business.

Guru Gushers Review

Guru Gusher 7 Factors To The Quick Start Prototype

1. Quality-This is pretty good for a $7 product. He is including a PDF manual, video training, and then a mindmap to help you organize your products and videos. Overall, well worth it.
2. Creep/shiver factor-Not much here! I know these guys and they are straight up, tell you the truth people. Like I mentioned in the video above, I do feel like this is a little too basic for advanced internet marketers, however, it is valuable information for newbies. Which I believe is the point.

3. Capability-Yes

4. Likeability-The Godfather of Skype helped create this. How can you not like it.

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes, all the products are there.

6. Support-They have an online support system.

7. Hard up-sells- The one item with this product is that there are some up-sells to the membership site. However, Rick runs some of the best membership sites in the country for the cost he charges. It is absolutely ridiculous how much value he provides. Plus, members then get access to some of the Skype rooms he hosts.

Guru Gusher Ranking- I will give this a 7, because I think it is a great product for newbies and with just a little bit more content could be great for experienced IM’ers as well.

For those interested in the Quick Start Prototype click the small, innocuous red button below.

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