We are Guru Gushering over Profits Theme this week. Profits Theme has a lot of cool features which I will review along with the ones that are…eh! Join us as we begin this week’s Guru Gushers journey through Profits Theme.

Profits Theme Good

  • Extremely Customizable. There are so many different options with this theme from the header size to how many sidebars you want and the position and size of the content area. I spent half of the video (below) describing all of the different things you could do to customize this theme.
  • Great Membership Site At A Better Price than other membership sites like Digital Access Pass and Wishlist. Plus, the fact that it is a theme, means your entire membership site can revolve around this theme. Everything will work seamlessly together.

Profits Theme Bad

  • There is a bit of a learning curve to using Profits Theme. While it is point and click, it can be a little confusing with all of the different options. Once you get the hang of the site it is really easy to operate, but be prepared for a stepp learning curve before then.
  • IonCoder is the bane of Profits Theme. While Profits Theme is great, they just added a feature about two months back called IonCoder for additional security measures to their theme. I think it is one of the worst moves they have made with the site, because your site is entirely in the hands of a third party security site that I have never heard of, nor want to entrust my sites well-being to. If this third party site goes down for some reason, then my site will go down as well. That is just not right. There is a difference between making sure hackers do not get access to your site and (UPDATE: you can get around the ioncoder by contacting your hosting company to set it up. I know Hostgator can help. Not sure about other hosting companies.)

Guru Gusher Profits Theme Ranking (1-10): 5.

Great theme, but I still do not like the IonCoder update. This is a big deal to me. What is the point of having control over WordPress just to give it to someone else.

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This concludes our weekly Guru Gushers of Profits Theme.


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