Today’s Guru Gusher will hone in on webinar software Meeting Burner. Meeting Burner is the webinar software that is taking over from leading webinar stalwarts like GoToWebinar and Webex. I have been using this webinar software for about a year, and this is some good stuff.

Guru Gushers Meeting Burner


Guru Gusher Meeting Burner Review

1. quality- Meeting Burner has a lot of great features in their webinar software that makes them comparable to the traditional premium versions. GoToWebinar does have a better admin panel during live meetings. However, they charge $99 per month for 100 attendees. The price difference is huge.

2. capability-The webinars are pretty solid. I have had a few hiccups with the screen share in the past. Also, the recording quality of the audio is ok. I generally play camtasia while I do the webinars.

3. likeability-The system is so much easier than the enterprise versions. GoToWebinar is OK to use to set up meetings. However, it has a very cold, listless way of helping you set up a meeting. Meeting Burner is really idiot-proof.

4. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! It provides great webinars.

5. support-I have not had a lot of contact with their support team, so I am not able to comment or speculate on this at the moment. If someone has some input please let me know.

6. hard upsells- The $99 per month package is a great deal, but probably out of most entrepreneurs budgets right out of the gate. Long-term this is probably the package you will want to use. Especially with the automated webinars.

This is a good software program to use for those looking to use webinars to convert larger number of clients. The applications of webinars are endless. From sales pitch to branding to educational to internal meetings. Having a good webinar system like Meeting Burner will make your life a lot easier.