Today we are Guru, Guru Gushingggg over a Lujure Tutorial we created on the custom Facebook fan page creator. This post goes well with the post I did last week on 10 Great Facebook Campaign Landing Pages.

Guru Gushers Lujure Tutorial

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6 Guru Gusher Lujure Tutorial Review

1. quality-I love all the different widgets of Lujure. They are fun to play with every time I am on the site. Plus, if there is a widget I am not able to find I can just use the HTML or plain text widgets to create that widget.

2. capability-The site is very capable overall. Sometimes pages are slower to load, but aside from a few speed qualms with Lujure they are very good.

3. likeability-When Lujure first launched the site was a disaster. Nothing could be saved, and the site never worked right. Over time, dramatic improvements were made to correct these challenges. Today everything works fairly smoothly, albeit a few kinks appear from time to time.

Like pages not completely lining up like they did in the Lujure preview. Nothing that can not be fixed. The one thing I do not like is the Lujure logo at the top of the page. They used to have it at the bottom like website developers do on client sites. Putting it at the top of the page is a bit obnoxious for monthly paying customers.

4. Does it say what it says it will do-Yes, Lujure helps you create dynamic, custom Facebook pages for your fans to have a richer experience with your page.

5. support-They have a great support system. Also, Nathan Latka, the founder of Lujure, is on the Lujure Facebook page constantly answering questions. Additionally, they have a great email ticket system, where reps answer back within 1 business day.

6. hard up-sells- They do have a $300/month developer package, which I believe is not necessary for most users. The biggest benefit is editing multiple tabs in Facebook and removing the Lujure logo from the page. Too me, it seems a bit pricey.

Ranking: I give them a 6 out of 10, because of the developer price and the Lujure logo at the top of the page. I like using Lujure a lot. Great experience, and easy to use. However, I do have some challenges with the items listed above.

Lujure is a tremendous tool to help your business create the right look and feel of your custom Facebook fan page. The reason I created this Lujure tutorial was to help you get the most out of your experience with the platform.

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