This Guru Gusher will discuss how to use HootSuite for your social media monitoring. Hootsuite has been around for a few years, but I thought we should take a look at this software to determine how viable it can be for your business.

While you are watching the video, sign up for the free Hootsuite version to follow along.

Guru Gushers: HootSuite Tutorial

Guru Gusher HootSuite Review

1. quality-The quality of this social media tool is good, not great. I sometimes prefer some of the features from SocialOomph over HootSuite, but the site works smoothly.  SocialOomph pro also costs more. Give and take.

2. capability-Their basic plan can suit your needs as you get started, but more than likely you will find it a hassle to deal with once you are active on a few social networks.

3. likeability-Very much so! The software works, so I like it.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- Hootsuite is all about putting everything in your social network right there in front of you at once. That is all they promise and all they do. You have to take over the rest.

5. support-I have never spoken with anyone at Hootsuite about anything.

6. hard up-sells- If $10 per month for the pro account is a hard up-sell then yes than they are really hard up-sells.

My final ranking of HootSuite is a 6.

They are a great company that do what they say they will. However, Hootsuite’s services to me have always seemed a bit over average.