Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos

Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photo

Click image to make this go away! Ah!

Let us chit chat today about the lustrous beauty of Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos. Guru Gushers seems like the ideal time to actually discuss how this cool photo site can help buff up your blog’s image to the world. Plus, since they are Royalty Free stock photos you are buying, this gives you the ability to use this in whatever marketing you see fit (Please check their term of use).


Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos Tutorial

Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos

1. quality-These images are clean-cut, and easy to use on your marketing materials. Feel confident about having great marketing images for a great price.

2. capability-They have 19.3 million images on the site. Is that capable enough for you? Occasionally, I will not be able to find the photos I want. However, by and large they have a very large portfolio to help you with your images.

3. likeability-They are so cute! Oh! Wrong post! Yes, the site is very likeable. My favorite will always be the weird, wacky characters they have available on the site, like the two humping penguins (see above) and the mobster to the right. Also, by the way, I am an affiliate with Fotolia, so that instantly makes them more likeable.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- they have photos you can buy, so I will say a big fat whopping of course they maybe do what they say they will do. Duh!

5. support-No clue! Never talked to customer support about anything. I guess that is a good thing, right?

6. hard upsells- This is a pay by the credit company, so I think that they are doing a harder sell then most to get you to buy more images. The more images you buy, the more money they make.

Guru Gusher ranking: 8 out of 10. With the occasional photo not there, or there ability to charge for every photo you buy, you sometimes get a bit wary of the site. However, they are great when you are in a pinch for a great photo for your marketing. Let me know what Fotolia royalty free stock photos you use for your business?


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  1. Andy, what are those Penguins doing? lol

    I had heard about this service from Fotolia, but had entirely forgot about. Thanks for the reminder! Will have to try and source some decent stock pics tomorrow!

    • Adam,

      Yeah! I used the Penguins for a WSO launch earlier this year. How can I pass up on something so…bizarre. Glad you liked the info.


  2. oooh interesting, I will a gander at the site now…thanking you for the tip! …though yes… haha just what are those penguins up to and why were we not invited?!

    • Emma,

      Glad that you will take a gander at the site. On another topic: do we really want to be invited to that? Eh!