Elegant Themes for WordPress as presented by Guru Gushers! Ooh! So elegant I am gushing. This week’s look into WordPress themes takes to us to a site that makes it extremely easy to dive into over 76 WordPress themes from Elegant Themes.

Plus, this week I want to introduce the seven factors that make up a Guru Gusher. Every week we will judge a product and/or service on these factors.


Guru Gushers Elegant Theme Overview

If you are gushing for gurus, feel free to check out Elegant Themes right now.

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Guru Gusher 7 Factors For Elegant Themes

1. quality- this is definitely a quality product. Elegant Themes has spent a lot of time developing this product for future use.
2. creep/shiver factor-the only part of Elegant Themes that creeps me out is that it is for a one year term for all updates. I am never a big fan of sites that give a theme away on membership. However, that being said they have added close to 20 theme over the past year.

3. capability- it does the things that 90% of bloggers need to be effective. However, sometimes I do not fall in the 90% category. That is when I have to use Profit Themes or Optimize Press.
4. likeability-sure why not! I have never met them to confirm that, but yeah why not.
5. Does it say what is says it will do- Yes, for the most part. They finally removed the PSD files from the zip file, so you do not have to mess with that anymore. It was a pain and made the install process longer.
6. support-I have only had to contact them once, so my experience here is limited. They were quick that one time.
7. hard upsells- None that I can see. They do have some add-ons for hosting and the like. However, a marketer should be banned from marketing for not bringing up such a natural up-sell.

Guru Gusher Ranking- 6/10. I think this is a very good premium theme for bloggers who are transitioning from hobby to full-time income. It provides you with the right amount of tools to get the job done right. That is exactly why I believe that Elegant Themes is a great addition as a Guru Gusher.

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