Guru Gusher focuses in on CovertR today.  Join us for a tale of daring, courage beyond compare! Or just another internet marketing product worthy of being a Guru Gusher! I feel like a cheerleader everytime I say the word Guru Gusher. Give me A G…

Anywho, Anyways! Below is the video on how to use this software along with Guru Gusher Rankings.

Guru Gusher ConvertR Video


Guru Gusher Converter Rankings

1. quality-this is a really simple piece of software that you can use quickly and easily. If you are looking for high end videos go somewhere else. These are for down and dirty quick videos that you can create over and over.

2. creep/shiver factor-The music is extremely creepy on the videos. Is it too much for them to ask to pirate some Lady Gaga or even Lady Antebellum! Get some better music for the ladies. (Note: Due to the FTC having something real hard, ahem, oh yes, we do not encourage the pirating of anything except for the 17th century Blackbeard, because he had a Black Beard.)

3. capability-It does work, henceforth it is capable. However, I have been having some challenges with Windows Media Player. Not sure if it is Windows or ConvertR.

4. likeability-It is a very basic and functional system. The one downside is that it takes forever for the slides to switch. As you probably noticed in the video above.

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! It creates a video out of an article in less than 2 minutes. It does not solve world hunger.

6. support-There have been a number of improvements on this product over the past few months, including updated backgrounds. We have been told that voice overs are supposed to be next.  I do like that we now have somewhat custom backgrounds instead of the boring white that we had when I first bought this.

7. hard upsells-There is an OTO. However, since I bought this product about 6 months ago and did not buy the OTO I have no clue what it is. That is what we call a very hard upsell!

Guru Gushers Ranking: 6 out of 10. I am lowering this for the problems I have had with Windows Media Player and also for the horrible music that they play on the videos. Other than that ConvertR passes Guru Gushers.