Guru Gushers is presenting the Best WebHosting. This is a continuation of my Ode To WebHosting I published earlier this year after this blog crashed and burned in the spring. Let’s evaluate what the best webhosting solutions are in a way that only Guru Gushers can.

Guru Gushers: Best WebHosting Tutorial


Guru Gushers: Best WebHosting

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When I first started using websites for my business I gravitated towards GoDaddy. It was only natural, since I had seen Danica Patrick doing her GoDaddy thing. She is hot! I have been using GoDaddy  for about 5 years now, and have never met Mrs. Patrick to tell her this I can officially tell you as a customer I am thoroughly disappointed.

Aside from this, GoDaddy has been a good WordPress hosting solution. I use them for AndyNathan.Net, but will probably switch to HostGator shortly. Their larger hosting plans are not as good as other providers.


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HostGator has been my choice of host recently, because I love their C-Panel. The sexiness of a good C-Panel makes up for not meeting Danica Patrick.  With the set up they have I have been able to create a whole host of cool sites from Project Management to Support Ticket To WordPress MU sites.

To see my love affair with HostGator’s C-Panel check out this social networking minute.


Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account

Blue Host is the final contender here for the best webhosting.  While I do not personally use this hosting, I have clients who use the service. From what I have seen of their Cpanel and the services they offer, BlueHost is similar to HostGator in a number of ways.

From the services they offer to their pricing. The biggest draw of BlueHost is the nearly unlimited websites you can host with the service.

These are the contenders. Which is the best webhosting service for you?

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