As we reach the dawn of a new Guru Gusher morning I excitedly see Aweber email marketing as the focus for this week. Well! First of all, it was dawn when I first started working on this post. Second, Aweber email marketing is a bit of a nerdy specialty I have been playing with over the past year. Apologize for the nerdititis in advance!

Aweber Email Marketing Overview

Guru Gusher Aweber Email Marketing Rankings

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1. quality- Aweber is one of the premier email marketing services in the business. They know what they are doing, and make my life a lot easier in that area of business.

2. creep/shiver factor-It is a bit of a pain in the butt if I ever want to transfer my list from Aweber to another service, because I could lose a significant portion of my list. the reason being is that depending upon who I transfer to I could have to re-enlist my entire list with Aweber. That could mean 85% losses or higher on my list transferring over to a new list, because your readers get confused. However, that happens with any list provider that you could use.

It just means that you should stay loyal to your email marketing list provider. In my case, I find that Aweber’s email marketing is the best one to use. Still, a bit creepy if you ask me.

3. capability-I have been using their services for the past two years without that much fanfare. There are a few integration challenges that I sometimes have, but they are a great at the majority of their email marketing solutions. The day I have an email marketing provider do exactly what I want and when I want and how I want without any muss or fuss is probably the day I spend $20,000 on a developer creating my own email marketing service.

4. likeability-They have a few too many extraneous steps for my get it now, now, now attitude of marketing to set up the email marketing campaigns. It can be a bit much sometimes, even though it allows them to provide you with all the services you want from them. My dream would be for them to reduce one or two of their steps. Other than that, it is a drag and drop system to set up for your email marketing.  Pretty basic and easy to use.

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! They would be in business with over 100,000 client otherwise.

6. support-They have great customer phone support that runs during the week.  I have had to call them a number of times over the years and these are not overseas support staffers who you can not understand.  Plus, if you use my affiliate link I will do whatever is in my powers to help you.

7. hard up-sells- They have a number of affiliated products, but no hard upsell.

My Guru Gusher ranking here is 7.25. Seven I think would be too low, and 8 way too high, because of the email lock-in.  However, I give them extra props for having a customer support staff to help with their clients needs. It makes Aweber email marketing a lot easier than other systems as well.

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