This weeks Guru Gushers will focus on the new Oops Theme that just came out. No, that is not a typo. It is actually called the Oops theme, because there are so many options to use with this theme. Since I have had the chance to test out the theme I would have to agree.

Guru Gusher Oops Theme Demo

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Guru Gusher Oops Theme 7 Factors

1. quality-I really like this themes easy to use interface with WordPress. Nice and clean site.

2. creep/shiver factor-I will be honest here that the sales page for the product is not the clearest and best I have ever seen. However, do you really want a good developer to spend a lot of time on copywriting? I know some of you will be detracted, because of this and that is why watching my run through of his page is important to understand how the plugin works.

3. capability-It is really 1-2-3 simple. The only thing I could think to add with his type of site are instant pages like Profit Themes and OptimizePress have. It would be nice for creating a few extra pages quickly and easily.

4. likeability-the moment I started playing with the Jooke theme, which is the one I demonstrated in the video above, I knew this theme was awesome. It makes life easy. What else could you want in a theme?

5. Does it say what is says it will do-yes. It is a WordPress theme. Maybe I should change this question? Eh!

6. support-I believe so. If not, I know the product creator and can talk to him on Skype.

7. hard upsells-There is an upsell, but not necessary to buy the basic theme.

I rate this weeks Guru Gusher Oops Theme a 7, because the sales page is a bit wonky. However, the Oops theme itself is great.

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