I decided to test out a social media friendly tool called Onlywire. While I stopped using Onlywire around the middle of 2011, it was like riding a bike. You never forget how to get started, and that exhilarating feeling returns once you do. Looking back on Onlywire today reminded me of why this is such a valuable tool as a blogger.

For the original video on how to use Onlywire check out my original blog post on the subject. Instead of creating a new video on the same topic with the same information, here is the Youtube video I created from 2010 below. No Guru Gusher sounds today, but the information is still as accurate as when I recorded the video. The only exception is for the pricing structure, which has obviously changed.

Get started with Onlywire (Affiliate Link) and watch the video below.

Guru Gusher: Onlywire Set Up Tutorial

1. quality- Onlywire is a great product. the one challenge with the software is getting your message out across all of the networks. Some of them are not set up to work with content aggregators, and others just do not function properly with Onlywire. They are getting better, but if you submit to 40 networks, expect about 25-30 to go through. Still, this is a lot better than manually posting the same information to 25 different networks. Yuck, I believe would be the professional term for that.

2. capability-This goes into the quality issue discussed above.

3. likeability-The site is very intuitive. The only exception would be downloading the OnlyWire submitter. Not sure why that is necessary.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- Yes it does.

5. Support-Never had a problem emailing their support staff.

6. hard Up-sells- When you hit your submission levels, you will be asked to upgrade.  Not sure if that is a hard up-sell or not?

Onlywire has a lot of great features. I give the product an 7 out of 10 ranking. They are very good at fulfilling everything on their end, but do have a few issues with cooperating social networks. Still, Onlywire saves you a lot of time, while driving in traffic to your site.

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