thursday thoughtsYeah! I am doing a Guru Gushers about myself. Why?

Why not? Why not put myself under the microscope. The scrutiny! The pain! Oh, the searing, searing pain of the Guru Gushers. Plus, I have a new podcast that Rick Hodge and I created helping people with their blog traffic. Therefore, unleashing this knowledge upon the world like a torrent of awesomeness yet unseen on this Earth. I have the power!

Additionally, I will be discussing my Blog Traffic Membership program along with the 15 minute podcast Rick interviewed me on yesterday. You can now discover the long re-discovered twice removed ways on how to  improve your blog traffic. Plus, you will find the three biggest mistakes that I made as a new blogger that you can now avoid.

Guru Gusher Intensive Quiz About Myself!

1. Quality-This is surround sound type quality. The type of quality you think of when you are thinking of…surround sound. We are talking about the Blog Traffic your moist internet marketing eyes cry to have. The knowledge of the…bloggers. I bet you thought I was going to say something else.
2. Creep/shiver factor- Any person who gushes about themselves must have some shiver factor in there. Plus, in a bit over 2 1.2 years I have created 750 blog posts. What type of creep does that? 🙂 (This deserves A Miley Smiley!)
3. Capability-I have been crazy enough to create over 750 blog posts, teach middle school and high school for three years, and spend over 3 years intensely studying social media, blogging, and seo. I think I am capable.
4.Llikability-But of course!
5. Does it say what is says it will do- Absolutely! In fact, for those who join the membership at the ridiculously low rate of $1 for the trial we will have our first webinar tonight at 9 PM CST.
6. Support- Every member gets access to the Skype Mastermind we created.
7. Hard upsells- every day of the week. The way any good IM’er should. Oh Man! I knew I forgot something, the hard upsells. This actually is the upsell to the Blog Traffic Mafioso, so no hard upsells.

Blog Traffic Membership

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