I decided to gush over a Fiverr gig I started recently. It is for those who are looking to touch up their graphics on their site. It is something that I have done over the past few years for my own business, and just wanted a few bucks for gigs that I could purchase on Fiverr as well.

This is not world class graphic design, just basic edits to make your site look nicer.

Guru Gushers Fiverr Graphic Gig

Guru Gusher Fiverr Gig Rating

1. quality-pretty good

2. creep/shiver factor-guaranteed by Fiverr to reduce some of the creepys and the crawleys.

3. capability-Yes! This is even an express gig. Ooh! La! La!

4. likeability-you don’t like me? Sniff! Sniff!

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes! I will edit your graphic for you. Do you need it to be transparent? Is there a line that just does not belong there? What about an old tag line that needs to be replaced? Does that graphic on your site look like it is from the 1980’s? Ooh! All this and a little bit more!

6. support-as little as possible

7. hard upsells- absolutely! There is a $10 gig, so I can tweet out your brand spanking new graphics to my 67,000 followers.  Deal with it! 🙂

Final ranking! With no bias at all, I give this a 12 out of 10. Ok! Ok! Maybe an 11. This is a pretty simple gig. If you have a graphic that just needs to be touched up let me know. Thanks!