Look. It’s that easy for them to freely download your ClickBank products !
If you rely on Clickbank to distribute your products, you should know that you are a prime target for Internet thugs who can drive-by download it as many times as they want and share it with their pals. Now … you don’t have to trust me, all you need to do is watch this video proof !

Your products do not have to end like this …

Are you using WordPress ? If you’re new to the Internet, chances are someone recommended you to start your website with it. It’s a great, simple and flexible tool. I personnaly use it everyday on a dozen of projects and it’s a real pleasure to work with. But WordPress is built to share content, not to protect it …

By default, search engines can see and index all of your pages, pdf files, mp3 files, video files, etc …

You may be using a sitemap.xml file that lists all of your pages for ranking purpose. And chances are that this file includes the pages that should be hidden. I mean … the one with your download links (as seen in the video proof).

By default, WordPress has a built-in search mechanism. Hidding the search box of your theme won’t be enough. Because if you just append “?s=keyword” to your root URL, it will return all posts and pages with that keyword. Try http://www.mywebsite.com/?s=download (where mywebsite is your domain) or http://www.mywebsite.com/?s=my%20product (where my product is the name of your product). You may be surprised to find your “Thank You pages” in the list …

So now, maybe you are at the same point I was a few months ago. You’re looking for a free, simple and easy way to protect your content. You’d like it work on your current WordPress installation. So that you don’t have to learn the use of another tool – again. You’d like it to be “point and click”. You’d like it to be available in your native language, so that people working for you could use it as easily as you do ! You’d like it to be well documented, with video tutorials, a reactive support and why not 5 bucks and a mars bar.

Well … it seems that except for the “5 bucks and a mars bar” thing, you’ve come to the right place.

As a website owner myself, I had enough of this pillage and decided to outsource the development of my own plugin for WordPress. A plugin that would fully integrate with ClickBank and protect my products from being stolen ! Watch how quick and easy to use it is.

You can click here now to get my free clickbank security plugin for wordpress.

I wish you lots of sales on the ClickBank platform !

Allan Kikker