I had a recent submission to my site that made me want to discuss guest blogging etiquette. I am all about networking with other bloggers through guest blogging and extending each others reach through our posts. However, there is a guest blogging etiquette that people should follow just like when you are in someone’s home or visiting their site.

When I set up guidelines for what I am looking for in guest writers on my blog I have to ask what gives people the right to think that they can sneak one past me with a duplicate article. My guest blog section of this site even specifically states that all articles must be original.

I just added today that I do run copyscape on all articles. Something I have been doing for over a year, but never put on the page. Maybe that was why I got some duplicate articles.

The point that I am getting at here is that there is an etiquette to doing guest blogging. While it might be a back link for you it is someone else’s reputation that you are dealing with on their blog.

I always say that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are like my playground, but my blog is my home. It is where I hang my hat at night and the place where I direct my traffic to from the other sites.

Therefore I want to add to the Blog Etiquette post that I did earlier this year that you need to be respectful in how you work with other bloggers. If you have something that they might not want on their blog it is ok to ask, but not to sneak.

Guest Blogging Etiquette

  • Actually read any guidelines for guest blogging on the blog’s site that you want to post on.
  • If you have questions ask, do not assume.
  • Do not set out to ignore and reject everything that the blog site’s rules have in place.
  • Think to yourself would I like this blog? The old idea of “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” definitely applies here.

As you can see guest blogging etiquette is not rocket science. Instead, it is simply part of the article marketing process. Additionally the rewards of following these guest blogging etiquette tips above can help immensely.