I love posting this blog, but I realized recently that I want to get other viewpoints in addition to my own. Therefore, I am reaching out to my readers to find out if anyone is interested in writing a guest post.

For the bloggers who want to do this I can offer the following exposure:

1. I will tweet it out to my 35,000 followers on Twitter

2. I will share it on Facebook with my 5,000 Friends

3. You can include a brief bio about your company and include 1 link directing visitors to your site.

The topic is open as long as it relates to social networking. I generally look to do an angle that relates to business, but would be open. For those that are interested, email me at andy@andynathan.net.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. 300 words or more

2. Must be original content (including PLR)

3. Professional (no cursing, lewd language, etc) Note: Humorous is definitely ok!

4. Take a different slant than myself.

Other than that, go nuts! Not literally, but with the blog post.